Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yes, I Can!

Time for more picture taking!  We went to Lowe's where I demonstrated my sit-stay and down-stay - successfully!

We got to board my friend, Kiko, for a few days.  She's a working guide and it turns out that we are the same size!  Well, we were at the start of the week but I'm bigger than she is now.  I got to go to the hospital with her to visit her mom and I was very good.  Mom was worried about my having an accident while we were heading back and forth to the sixth floor but no problem.  It was more challenging to walk with both of us, I think.  Kiko on the right and me on the left.  I wanted to play so Mom was tripping.  After a couple of those it finally got through that we were both working.  After that it was no problem.  It's good I can figure these things out quickly, right?

We went to some friends house for Thanksgiving dinner.  There was no parking immediately available so we parked across the street.  Mom took a shortcut over the dry weeds to get to the sidewalk.  I tried to follow but OW, OW, OW!!!  Mom calls them 'goatheads' but I call them painful!  It was a whole sticker patch, not just dry weeds!  Mom felt awful!  I held very still while she pulled them out of all four paws.  Some of them had broken but Mom was very patient and made sure she got every single one before we went anywhere.  I admit it took a couple of days before I would willingly jump out of the car again.  Wow, that hurt!  The good news was that I was a good boy at dinner.  Even when I was in the kitchen and someone dropped a turkey bone on the floor!  Mom growled and I left it alone.

Mom is starting to let me have little bits of freedom here and there inside the house.  I'm good at tie down now but I prefer to be in my huge kennel because I can move more freely.  Tonight I played fetch up and down the hall.  That was fun!  Mom hasn't let me do that in a very long time (something about peeing in her kitchen) and I'd forgotten how much fun it can be.  Remy, the little poodle who lives here, is very bossy and doesn't always let me get the toy but I just wait for a minute and grab the toy when he walks away. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Fair

Last night Mom took me to Barnes & Noble for a book fair.  It was SO crowded!!  At first I was constantly having to be reminded to 'leave it' but I caught on.  I accidently knocked over a little display with my tail wagging but it was quite exciting to see everybody.  The place was so crowded that Mom would try to put me between her and a bookshelf to avoid my getting stepped on.  All the kids wanted to say 'hi' but only one asked nicely so the rest of the time I did my best to keep my nose clean.  Ha!  One of the customer service people came and asked questions about what kind of dog I was and made sure to mention that training dogs and service dogs are Always welcome there.  That was nice of him!

Mom also took me to her daughter's parent/teacher conference.  That was tougher than the book store because there were food crumbs on the floor near enough to sniff and I couldn't touch them!  Argh!  Eventually you just have to give a big sigh and take a nap until time to go...

On Tuesday we went to the Olive Garden restaurant.  Oh boy do they have some yummy stuff on the floor!  Mom did her best and wound up having me lay down so she could put her foot on the leash to keep me from grazing.  I found out just how far my tongue can reach but had to finally give up.

Do we have pictures of any of this?  No!  Mom forgot!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time to Catch Up

Mom's going to post yet one more picture of me in my Halloween costume.  Please feel free to scroll on by!

Since it was the end of October Mom weighed me to see what to report on my monthly evaluation that she sends in to the school.  I weighed in at 48 lbs.!  Not bad for almost five months old!  Then she arranged for me to go stay with my friend, Cali, for a few days while she went on vacation.  Cali is a black lab who's a few months older than I.  When she would board with us Mom wouldn't let us play together because I was too small.  This time we got to play for an hour every day.  Cali plays rough but then she met me and rolled right over every time!  Play time was SO much fun!  I had to 'sit' and 'stay' at the door to go out but I was running in place on the hard floors trying to get out the door.  Of course all good things come to an end and Mom came to pick me up.  I was very glad to see her - and so was Cali! - but I miss playing with my friend.  I think Mom needs to arrange a play date!  Mom was happy to see that finally all my baby teeth have been replaced by my adult teeth.

Sunday was graduation at the guide dog school.  I got to go down and see my sister, Lexie, again.  I got to see Cali, too, but we were working so no playing this time.  It was my first time out with my big-boy working jacket but it looks good.  Mom also talked to the trainer about my tendency to try to pull her where I want to go so I got introduced to a training collar.  Wow, that'll get my attention!  Luckily it's only used when I'm working or being difficult.  I'm learning to be good, though.  Last night when we went for a walk I got lots of extra praise because I stopped at the curb without Mom having to show it to me.  I don't know what the big deal is but now I know what she's looking for.  Walking clear to the corner and pausing and then turning is now normal for me but I've noticed I'm the only one doing it.  I'm sure Mom has a good reason.

I found out one of my brothers was at graduation.  I didn't get to see him!  He's about the same size I am and is really bouncy.  The child in my family got to pet him with Dad there and she reported to Mom later.  Mom and I were both wishing we could have seen him too!  Maybe next time.  I'm told they live a couple of hours away so we may have to wait until next graduation.

OK, you're all caught up!  Now we need to get more pictures to post...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not Forgotten!

Mom asked me to let you know that I can type more in the next day or so.  She's trying to get caught up after being on vacation.  And I got to go stay with a buddy!!