Sunday, December 26, 2010


OK, so I don't like skateboards.  It's hardly my fault, though.  Someone came flying up behind us several weeks ago - startling Mom and me.  Now every time I hear a skateboard I'm a wreck until I can see it leave.  So today Mom's coworker, Cherie, brought one of her son's skateboards to work.  Mom was playing with me and Cherie rolled it along and I got scared!  Mom went over to it and showed it to me and called me over.  I came but made sure Mom was between me and that sneaky beast!  Mom petted me lots and that helped.  Eventually I didn't go nuts as it rolled but I didn't want to go any where near it.  Mom put my favorite toy on the skateboard and just kept rolling it away from me so I could watch it and chase it.  I didn't chase it but followed from a distance.  Finally I was able to go up and sniff it and got LOTS of praise.  She gave me my toy and told me we would see this skateboard again sometime and put it away.  I'm glad we ended while I was still brave!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Almost-Christmas!

Mom has kept us hopping!  This post will be tons of pictures and explanations of each to try to catch up.

At church being adored by everyone

I love this place!  This is at church.  When Mom agrees to a break all the kids come over and pet me.  Once in a while someone will pull on my paws to see if my toes are really webbed but it's OK, I don't mind.

Waiting for the tram.

We also went up the Palm Springs Tram for their annual Christmas tree lighting.  It was fun!  Something called snowballs flying around.  The tram was easy as long as you stayed away from where the tram was rotating to take in the views.  I pretty much slept through that.  There was a reallly big group of us up there.  The last count was 22 people, I think and 17 dogs.  Here's a group shot with a few of us in it.

Miss Gwen, me, Marilyn, and Dusty in
the front.  Cooper, Patrick and Dolce in the back.

After the tram we went to Billy Reed's restaurant.  All I really got to do was curl up on the floor but that was cool with me - at least we were in where it's warm!  I got to lay next to Cooper and we got along fine.

At Billy Reed's restaurant.


Just hanging out at the park with Mom.
Once in a while we go to the park to hang out with friends.  There wasn't a seat in the shade so we planted ourselves on the sidewalk.  I USED to fit in Mom's lap!  I don't when she got so small but I certainly don't fit any more...

The "We were there" shot.

Another place we've been to recently was the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.  Every year they do a huge light show.  We weren't guests at the hotel so we couldn't go in to the coolest lights, but we got to walk around.  Very crowded!  And big white things called horses pulling carriages in the street.  I wanted to play with the but they ignored me.  Also something like a dog with horns that ignored me.  Mom called it a reindeer.

Every month Mom sends in a report to tell my sponsors how I'm doing.  It includes pictures so here are a couple that she's probably going to send in.  The blue thing on my collar holds my tags to keep them quiet.  Nice for sleeping but not real pretty in pictures.  She needs to take it off for pictures, don't you think?

With my buddy!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Toys

Mom got a box of stuff I can't look at but it sure smells good!  Maybe if I wait until she's not looking...

Poor Lowe!  Whatever will he do??  I got a bunch of dog toys but haven't yet decided which ones are for Lowe and which ones to save for doggy gifts.

Here's the list:

Skinneeez Squirrel

Nylabone Rhino

Nylabone Dura Chew Plus - Bacon

Nylabone Wishbone

Nylabone Dinosaur

Lowe already has a dinosaur and I have an extra Rhino ball so I'll probably save those along with the rest of the stash I've been collecting.  He's going to love Christmas!  My daughter (OK, me too) wants to give him a new one every day!