Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man, oh Man!

Well, now I know what 'neutered' means!  I've been home for a couple of days now and really don't like wearing this cone on my head.  How am I supposed to clean my owie with this cone in the way?  Do you know how hard it is to chew a bone when you can't hold it with your front paws? 

At least when we went to a restaurant tonight Mom let me take it off for a while.  She still wouldn't let me near my stitches but at least I could finally scratch my neck!

Dennis and Patti were at work today.  When Patti came in to see me I just had to roll over and show her my owie.  I'm certain she was quite impressed.  Mom says I have to put up with this until the end of next week - when is that??

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Getting Tutored!

Or was it neutered?  Well, whatever, it's happening on Wednesday!  Mom says it will help my concentration when we're working and she's quite excited about that. 

Time to catch up!  You know it's bad when Mom has to go get her date book to remember what all we've been doing...

Patti and Dennis Wheeler with Lowe

On February 4th we went to dinner at the school and I got to meet two of my sponsors!  I learned more about the young Marine whose name I carry, too.  Dennis and Patti Wheeler are among the sponsors that I have.  And Mom was told that there is a little church in Illinois that has contributed as well.  They sure know how to love on a puppy! 

In puppy class on the 6th Mom was a bit frustrated with me.  I don't know why, I had a great time dancing around!  Mom would tell me to stay, walk to the end of her leash, and then the trainer would come around and call me - of course I went to her!  Uh, isn't that what I'm supposed to do?  Apparently not.  Mom says we'll be working on that one.

That was Sunday.  On this past Friday there was a puppy meeting.  I did very well there!  Mom told me to stay, walked away to get her food and I was still there when she came back.  Whew!  At least I got that one right...  Then yesterday we went to lunch at some people's house that I hadn't been to before.  They had someone sneaking around in their back yard!  I was growling and every bit of the wavy fur on my back was stnding up clear from head to tail like a mohawk.  Mom started laughing and turned me loose in the back yard to go check it out.  Are you kidding?  Without her??  Then she walked right up to it and patted it on the head.  OH!  It's pretend!  I guess the joke's on me - how was I to know?  I've never seen anyone put fake people in their yard before.

Today at puppy class I did much better.  Still not real good at the end of the leash but when heeling with Mom I was able to ignore the little puppies in the ex-pen and the other dogs pretty well.  Not perfectly, but enough that Mom was impressed.  I like being a good dog, you know.  When Mom says 'come' I have to go to her and sit by her left side.  Well, we made this into a fun game!  She would wait until I wasn't paying attention and sneak away to the end of the leash, then call me.  I would RUN over and plop right down!  Apparently this was very funny so I did it over and over - it was such fun!  I even added a few hops here and there as I ran over to her.  Yup, I'm still a puppy.  I'm eight months old and 68 pounds of pure goofiness!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quick Update

She kept me running!  See my tongue hanging WAY out?!?

Mom has taken me to restaurants, stores, friend's houses, church - and no one is allowed to pet me while I'm in jacket!  *sigh*  That could get boring in a hurry!  I did get to have a play date with my friend, Kiko, again.  Oh, and I made a new friend today!  Her name is Ally.  She's a few months older than I but she took it easy on me.  I may be big but I'm still a puppy.  It may be more fun now to go to work with Mom!  We both had a good nap this afternoon.  Mom says a tired dog is a good dog - I must be perfect today!