Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool! More Fun Stuff!

I've been having more and more fun lately! This whole idea of getting to go places is starting to really appeal. On Friday I got to go and visit a school. Yes, I've done that, but this time I was part of the show! Over 100 3rd graders. The first few I was so excited but I was getting bored by the 100th pet on the way out the door. Mom says it's good for me... Then on Saturday we went to Riley's Farm in Oak Glen, CA. There's lots of walking. LOTS of walking. Some people were picking apples or strawberries. Oh, and we got to go for a hay ride!

Sunday Mom worked so that was kind of boring but today Mom took me with her and I got to play with some friends! There were six of us puppies out in the front yard having a blast. We took turns mobbing the different kennel workers that were there and generally having fun and raising a ruckus. We sure slept well after that!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Now that I've got my vaccinations Mom has been letting me actually walk in the stores! Only for short trips but it's been fun! Lots and lots of stuff to sniff and grab and drag... We also went to the area puppy meeting. It's called Puppies & Pizza. I'm not the littlest puppy in the group any more. A little chocolate lab named Moto has stolen the spotlight. He's sure fun to play with, though!

On Saturday Mom took me with her when she took her daughter to the park. There was some sort of festival going on so it was really crowded. Lots of fun!

This week a stray dog showed up. Mom didn't know her so we didn't get to play but she stayed for a week. Saturday afternoon Mom took us to Petco so the stray could be turned over to a shelter. It's National Guide Dog Month but you wouldn't know it seeing our local Petco. We'll have to come back with a bigger group! :-)

Mom wants to toss in a picture of me in my crate. It's an extra large crate and I'm starting to fill it up!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I got my vaccinations today! It pinched but I'm tough so I didn't even whimper.

Now, where were we? Yesterday I went with Mom back to Lake Arrowhead. Talk about a long day! The best part about it was that I saw another puppy exactly like me! Mom didn't let me sniff him or play with him - something about nose prints - but we had fun jumping together, anyway. Funny thing, he did everything just the same as I did! Mom stayed a lot longer than planned. By afternoon I just lay down wherever there was a pause and got a few winks. Mom was nice and let me nap an hour at a time while she chatted with folks. She also took me down to the docks to show me something called a duck but I found something far more interesting - fish! Lots of them! Mom wouldn't let me chase them but I bet I could have caught them.

This morning Mom took me with her to the kennels to get my vaccinations. Since she was there I got a bath and I got weighed, too. I weigh 26 pounds now! Mom says she can't believe how fast I'm growing but I can't believe how everything around me seems to be shrinking...

Now that I have my vaccinations I can actually walk around. That's a relief for Mom and me. Now she says I need to get something called shoes. Huh? I don't know but I'll find out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time to Catch Up!

Let's see... Friday evening Mom took me to a restaurant for supper. There was a park across the way that had a memorial for veterans so she decided we definitely needed to get a picture of me there. On Saturday, August 28th, Mom took me to Lake Arrowhead. Neither of us had ever been there and it sure is a fun place! There were a lot of other dogs there but Mom made sure I didn't get to greet any of them. I sure tried, though! I think I might be glad to get my vaccinations! Mom felt bad because there was a working guide dog in the parking lot that I managed to distract. Hey, I just wanted to say hi! Turns out so did she but her handler was on top of that so we didn't ever get to say hi or anything. Mom tells me that is what I am going to be doing some day. Walk around all day with Mom? Sure thing!

The best entertainment I had was Mom putting a bunch of ice cubes in my water bowl. That was fun! Even the blanket I was on got nice and cold and wet. Wonderful! We were there the whole afternoon just getting used to the noise of the band playing and people and dogs everywhere. It was a long enough day that I fell asleep right on the sidewalk! Felt good, too!

Sunday and Monday didn't have much going on. Mom is trying to teach about something called "tie down" but so far it's just something else fun to chew.

Then today I got to go with Mom to take the daughter to gym class and dance class. I've been doing very well at nicely chewing my toy even though the kids are running back and forth in front of me. I haven't even had an accident!
Mom says she's quite happy with my progress. It's time to send in the first monthly report on my progress. I can say I've been in schools, restaurants, malls, cars, stores, church and after-school activities. Other than having someone examine Mom's training ID carefully there've been no problems at all. Mom says she will be glad when I get my shots because I'm not fitting very well in the grocery cart any more!