Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool! More Fun Stuff!

I've been having more and more fun lately! This whole idea of getting to go places is starting to really appeal. On Friday I got to go and visit a school. Yes, I've done that, but this time I was part of the show! Over 100 3rd graders. The first few I was so excited but I was getting bored by the 100th pet on the way out the door. Mom says it's good for me... Then on Saturday we went to Riley's Farm in Oak Glen, CA. There's lots of walking. LOTS of walking. Some people were picking apples or strawberries. Oh, and we got to go for a hay ride!

Sunday Mom worked so that was kind of boring but today Mom took me with her and I got to play with some friends! There were six of us puppies out in the front yard having a blast. We took turns mobbing the different kennel workers that were there and generally having fun and raising a ruckus. We sure slept well after that!