Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Now that I've got my vaccinations Mom has been letting me actually walk in the stores! Only for short trips but it's been fun! Lots and lots of stuff to sniff and grab and drag... We also went to the area puppy meeting. It's called Puppies & Pizza. I'm not the littlest puppy in the group any more. A little chocolate lab named Moto has stolen the spotlight. He's sure fun to play with, though!

On Saturday Mom took me with her when she took her daughter to the park. There was some sort of festival going on so it was really crowded. Lots of fun!

This week a stray dog showed up. Mom didn't know her so we didn't get to play but she stayed for a week. Saturday afternoon Mom took us to Petco so the stray could be turned over to a shelter. It's National Guide Dog Month but you wouldn't know it seeing our local Petco. We'll have to come back with a bigger group! :-)

Mom wants to toss in a picture of me in my crate. It's an extra large crate and I'm starting to fill it up!