Friday, September 3, 2010


I got my vaccinations today! It pinched but I'm tough so I didn't even whimper.

Now, where were we? Yesterday I went with Mom back to Lake Arrowhead. Talk about a long day! The best part about it was that I saw another puppy exactly like me! Mom didn't let me sniff him or play with him - something about nose prints - but we had fun jumping together, anyway. Funny thing, he did everything just the same as I did! Mom stayed a lot longer than planned. By afternoon I just lay down wherever there was a pause and got a few winks. Mom was nice and let me nap an hour at a time while she chatted with folks. She also took me down to the docks to show me something called a duck but I found something far more interesting - fish! Lots of them! Mom wouldn't let me chase them but I bet I could have caught them.

This morning Mom took me with her to the kennels to get my vaccinations. Since she was there I got a bath and I got weighed, too. I weigh 26 pounds now! Mom says she can't believe how fast I'm growing but I can't believe how everything around me seems to be shrinking...

Now that I have my vaccinations I can actually walk around. That's a relief for Mom and me. Now she says I need to get something called shoes. Huh? I don't know but I'll find out.