Monday, October 24, 2011

Guess What??

No one really reads this blog any more.  And so I don't post any more, either.  However, this update is due. 

LOWE IS IN FOR TRAINING!!  I raised him and trained him and then sent him off to college on October 15th.  Now that he is in 'college' he is undergoing testing and learning how to guide a blind person with a special harness that he gets to wear.  So far he has passed all his medical and temperament testing.  In another week or so he goes on his obedience walk for evaluation and then on to harness work.  Since Lowe is a very quick and willing student I'm very hopeful that he will graduate sometime in the spring. 

Here's my issue now:  I work at Guide Dogs of the Desert.  As a matter of fact I was promoted to kennel manager not long ago.  The hardest part of my job now is to make sure to avoid Lowe as much as I possibly can to allow him to bond with his trainers and want to work for them.  The kennel techs and trainers and the only ones playing with him now while I watch from a window out of sight.  I'm so proud of him that I don't want to mess this up! 

I looked up Lowe's namesake a day or two ago.  I'm trying to politely ask for information about him so I can do a scrapbook for the Marines who sponsored him and his family.  I took pictures of Lowe at a memorial and collected as much memorabilia as I could find to make it as respectful and meaningful as possible.  Not knowing much about Jamie Lowe I am doing research on the internet and asking his sponsors for any information they are willing to give.  I'm not asking to contact his family directly because I would like it to be a surprise if/when Lowe graduates.  I don't expect them to attend but it would be great to honor them and him just the same.

Wish me luck!  :-)