Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moving On

On the day I turned in Lowe I picked up dog #5, a black Lab named Canyon.  Canyon is sponsored in honor of some blind hikers that hiked Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Canyon will be a year old on November 27.  Canyon's puppy raisers were unable to keep him because of changes in their world so he came to the kennel until he could be placed.  He's quite the character!  I love his caramel colored eyes and the way he tips his head when he's trying to figure out what I'm saying.  He is a problem solver and knows how to think.  The school is thinking of using him for a stud dog so he is still all male!

The first thing I learned was that you simply can't see a black dog at night!  All it takes is a tiny bit of shadow and Canyon disappears.  One of the students showed me a collar light that I can put on his collar.  That helped a lot!  I can't see him but I can tell where he is by the glow.

I haven't taken many pictures yet - something I'd better do!

PS:  Lowe has passed all his physicals, has gone on his obedience walk and has started learning how the harness works!  Yeah, Lowe!!