Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nine Days to Go!

I boarded a 4-month-old Lab puppy for a week last week and learned many new things about labs. First, they are much stronger at a much younger age than any other dog I've ever had. Second, they eat EVERYTHING! And at a much faster pace! If you even blink you see them chewing and you have no clue what it could have been. Fish it out quick if you can and pray it wasn't dangerous if you can't. You very quickly learn to scan all floors, walls, doors, tables and people for anything that moves. If it moves it will be chased and if it can be caught it will be eaten. Now, this is true of most puppies I agree, it just seems to happen at lightning speed with a Lab. I'm very grateful that Labs are also very intelligent. Take walking her, for example. The first time I walked with her and her flat collar I felt like my arm was being removed from my body every time she saw something she just had to chase. After a few blocks (and many sudden direction changes) she caught on and the rest of the walk went fine. Each time I took her out for a walk the sudden changes in direction were needed less and less. I've also learned that instead of a tie down use an extra large crate in the living room for containment. And to be careful letting her near water of any variety as she will splash right in - this includes the water bowl!

So, am I ready for a puppy? Yes! A Lab? Well, mostly... I think.