Saturday, August 7, 2010

Made It!

Well, that wasn't so bad! I guess having the towel that smelled like his sibs made a difference. He cried for a few minutes and was done. Of course, that few minutes happened at 10, 12:30 and 2:30 but only a few minutes each time. It's actually tougher to put him in his play pen and go eat breakfast - he fusses a lot more when he's awake! :-) It's neat that he's such a snuggler. He grabs a favorite toy and comes and crawls into my lap to chew on it. And until he misses the toy and bites me all is well! This morning he had fun chasing my four-year-old up and down the concrete patio in our back yard where we took him to 'get his wiggles out.' He has an x-pen outside where he can watch while the other two dogs run without his getting trampled. Any time he wonders what is going on he sits down to look at us to figure it out. At that point he is shown what to do and praised lavishly! Though it took a bit of wrangling he did sit for a second while I put down his breakfast. I was holding his collar but he stopped jumping at the bowl and sat down for a couple of seconds and that was all he needed to do.