Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Update

My routine doesn't change much but we did get to have some fun this weekend.  Mom was a little disappointed when I panicked at a skateboard Friday afternoon.  The guy on the skateboard was really nice about it, though.  As soon as he realized I was scared he hopped off the board and came over and said hello and let me sniff his board.  I made a new friend!  He walked another half a block past us before he hopped back on his skateboard.  I kept an eye on it.  I heard a roller bag and nearly jumped out of my skinbut I was able to immediately see it wasn't a skateboard so it only needed a short study.  Also on Friday there was a puppy meeting.  We picked up Janie and Kiko and headed to Yucaipa. I got to play quite a bit with the other dogs.  That's always fun!

Oh, on Saturday we went up to Big Bear and played in the snow!  I couldn't shovel it into my mouth fast enough!  I got to run around and fetch sticks and play until I was plain wore out. 

Then, instead of working on Sunday, Mom took me to a country club to eat with a bunch of dog friends and then we all went to a concert performed by a puppy raiser named Lorna Luft.  We got to parade in around the room and sit all together.  It was kind of loud but Mom had fun.  During the last song Lorna's puppy, Gene, barked from back stage - and all 16 dogs in the group barked back!  It was great to say hello but we were all quickly shushed.  After the last song Lorna and her husband, Collin, brought Gene out to say hello to all his friends and get pictures taken.  Man we had a lot of fun!  One of the littlest puppies had an accident in the concert hall on the carpet but his puppy raiser was right there with a baggie so it was cleaned up before anyone really noticed it.

Then today it was back to our regular routine.  Mom has started taking me to a scrapbooking store.  The ladies there are really nice and I have to learn to hold my tail still because the aisles are so narrow that I knock things down if I wag.  Oops, sorry!