Friday, October 8, 2010

This Week

Yeah! I'm cured! I finally got my vaccinations today and found out I weigh in at a whopping 36.4 pounds. No wonder my puppy jacket doesn't fit very well! Mom has waited quite a while to take me any where so my first trip out was two days ago. We went to a Super Wal-Mart and not much more than that. Tomorrow will be my first bigger outing. The Yucaipa puppy group is going to Lake Arrowhead tomorrow. We'll go for a boat ride and have lunch and just wander around. Sounds like fun to me! Mom gave me a bath a little bit ago - I would rather pass on that. But it means I get to run around extra outside to help dry off.

When we were at the doctor's office Mom was told I should get another kind of flu shot. Man, as though three shots and one up the nose wasn't enough! I was tough though, and didn't even blink. Anyway, there's some sort of canine flu starting that needs it's own vaccination. Have to ask around about that one...