Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hmmm... Well...

Lowe posing with Santa and Lexie

Now I know why mom hasn't posted pictures of me from Christmas - there aren't any!  Well, OK, there are two.  The first is at the GDD Puppy Raiser Christmas Party and the second is in front of our tree at home just before Mom took it down - not on Christmas but in front of the Christmas tree.  Does that count??

Today I went to my first puppy class!  And I shined - literally!  Mom gave me a bath just before we headed over there and I was still a bit damp.  Mom was worried about my behavior around all these other dogs but I don't know what she was worried about.  She said be good and I was.  Just that simple!  I got to see my sister, Lexie, again today.  She seems to be getting smaller.  She's around 35-40 lbs so I'm nearly twice her size at 65 lbs.  There were lots of dogs my size but we couldn't play because Mom needed to get back to work.  That's OK because I will get to see them every week for a while now while class is running.  And I'll get to see a bunch of them on the 15th of this month when we go down to March ARB to look through the airplane museum and grab lunch.  Sounds like fun!

Dinner.  Dinner.  Hey, Mom, dinner.