Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy Couple of Weeks!

Mom doesn't have the pictures together yet but I have been to several interesting places.  The first was Ben & Jerry's.  You know, the ice cream place?  I don't know much about ice cream but they have the most amazing river running in front of the mall!  Oh man did I want to go explore that!

My dad's mom was in the ER.  I got to go visit her!  Security wasn't sure if they should let me through butthen one of the nurses recognized Mom and led us right in.  And the sick lady was so happy to see me and have me lick her fingers.  I guess she is going to be in the hospital a lot for a while so I will get to visit there again.

The guide dog school where Mom works had a graduation.  The class of three was made up entirely of veteran's.  There was nearly four hundred people to watch three students graduate.  Wow!  It was neat to see the honor guard.  Some of the pups barked at the flags but I've seen them before so it was no big deal.

Mom has introduced me t a new friend named Adrian.  He is a black Lab that loves to play almost as much as I do!  He's a bit bigger and a bit older but that makes us nearly even considering I have so much energy.  We play until we are so tired we just stand there and pant.  Then one of us finds some more energy and we're off again!

This weekend the family is going to go camping.  The tent looks like fun!  Mom's just hoping I don't tear it apart trying to find a good spot to sleep.