Sunday, April 10, 2011

Has It Really Been That Long??

Not much happening, though, until this weekend.  Friday night there was a puppy meeting.  Not much unusual there except it was snowing!!!  The humans were rather cold but it was still fun.  I didn't want to put my hind end down on the pavement but I did it anyway.  Then yesterday we went on a puppy outing to The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA.  That was fun!  Lots of other dogs (there were 18 dogs and 30 people) and strange critters to see.  Some of them thought we were strange, too.  A giraffe leaned way over the fence to get as close as possible.  The badger snarled from behind glass.  The wolves barked and howled.  One of the workers said it was good for them to have some excitement and another talked about displaced aggression and said they were worried that the wolves would turn on each other.  Anyway, we got our picture taken and moved on.  We walked by some camels that were giving rides.  They stared at us just as long as we stared at them.  What funny looking critters!  The little electric trains were neat.  I wanted to go grab one but of course Mom said no.

Me and Kiko snoozing
After we got done there we all went to eat at a local restaurant.  Mom took pictures of lots of dogs asleep under tables!  Then Mom and I got to go to another puppy raiser's house to play in the back yard.  There was a swimming pool!  Uh, I don't like water!!  The other dogs loved it - don't they know they can't walk on it?  I finally waded in a little bit.  It's FUN!  Pretty quick I was the one still chasing the toys in the pool after  ( the other three dogs had found something else to play with.  I was so excited I was talking to the guy throwing the toy, trying to tell him how excited I was and would he please just throw it!  I had SO much fun and I hope we can do that again.  My friend Kiko was there and two other friends, Gene and Vivian.  Gene and Vivian are brother and sister but being raised by separate puppy raisers.  It was neat to get to play with them.

Today Mom put on some wheels and we went for a run!  I've never done that before.  Mom hadn't done it in years so we got off to a slow start.  Mom was happy to see that I don't mind those wheels.  We had fun and definitely need to do it again!  Dad rode by on his biycle and I was cool with that, too.  No sweat!  The little girl was trying to learn to ride her little skateboard and that was no problem.  Mom is already trying to decide what wheels to do next!